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Taking Selfies To The Next Level!

Welcome to Madprop, your new one-stop shop for awesome gadgets and accessories that will help you get more fun out of your mobile phone or camera. If you range to go straight to the selfie poles shop hit that link or visit the shop tab. 

Since time began, man has been obsessed with capturing his own image. The cavemen carved their images in to the rock and earth itself. The Egyptians decorated their tombs and buildings with desirable images of themselves (and their pets!). Tapastries and paintings followed, until eventually we harnessed the light around us to create photographic portraits. Technology now puts the camera firmly in our pockets whether we go and, boy-oh-boy, do we still love taking photos of ourselves!

Here at MadProp we are all about helping you to better your selfie. You’ll find a range of innovative gadgets and accessories to help you get the most fun out of your camera or phone. We’re always on the look out for new technology and gizmos to make taking photos a breeze, so be sure to check back too!

We have a range of different selfie poles, including Bluetooth, built in buttons, timers and a separate bluetooth remotes. All at cheap prices. Feel free to check out our range on our shop page.

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