We have compiled a list of the top 72  best selfies of all time!

Including greats from animals in cars to celebrities to baseballs to sharks, they are all here and they are all awesome. The selfie is a relatively new phenomenon, but one that is growing rapidly and its always a wonder why someone didn’t do it before. Feel free to like and share the list and remember if your on the list, give us an email and we will add your details to the post. If you think that your selfie should be on here you can send it to either Mad props facebook page or the madprops twitter and you might make the next list or could even in fact win yourself a selfie pole if it is good enough.

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72 – Just 2 Cool Guys in a Bar

Sam Elliot and Jeff Bridges chilling in a bar during a scene.   coolest selfie ever

71 – Pingu on Patrol

Didn’t take long for our first animal selfie to make an appearance and its Mr happy feet, trying to eat the camera, nevertheless its a great picture. penguin selfie

70 – Malkin Selfie

Can’t score like that Evgeni! The confused expression of seeing a camera in the goal is caught perfectly here. malkin selfie

69 – Halloween win Selfie

This girl? Wins the best Halloween costume of the decade, maybe even the millennium. None of the “sexy cat” costume, this is fear at its purest. Probably from a movie set, but looks dam scary none the less. Biggest Halloween win selfie

68 – Excited Husky 

Our first dog appearance of the list, just an excited husky. Copying the humans in the picture, also a smooth photo bomb from the guy in the back. Husky Selfie

 67 – Could this Selfie get any more British? (and cool!)

David Beckham. Drinking tea. In an only fools and horses mug. British? I think so. British selfie

66 – Lawnmower Selfie

Makes the list for originality. his lawnmower is his best friend to we have heard. lawnmower selfie

65 – Clap selfie

Great idea but only comes in at 65 for originality, picture itself is blurry. clap selfie

64 – “Underwater selfie” 

Points and credit for originality but really, would the actual picture even be that good? I mean look at that background.   underwater fish tank selfie

63 – The Jellyfish

Picture from Nadia Aly. Taken off the island of Palau in the Pacific ocean. These jellyfish stings have weakened so now tourists and divers such as Nadia can swim freely amongst them, and take some awesome pictures at the same time. Jellyfish selfie

62 – Hockey Lad 

Ice hockey player Jaromir Jagr gets a nice photobomb selfie with a fan.

jagr lad selfie


61 – Horse Selfie

The resembles is uncanny between these two. horse selfie

60 – Holy Selfie 

Not the Holiest picture we will have on this list but definitely the tallest. Great snap with the Christ the Redeemer.

Holy selfie

59 – Stop Mousing around

Simple yet effective snap here. Pretty confident neither thing in the picture is a real mouse although they both are making a great effort! Mouse Selfie

58 – HockeyLad

Another hockey based picture, getting a selfie of someone getting into a fight on the ice is a good way to make this list! hockeyfan lad

57 – Cat number 1 

Cat picture number 1 of many. Some cat inception stuff going on here. cat selfie 2

56 – Cat Selfie 2

That didn’t take long to have the second cat picture, this is “copy cat”………….. cat selfie 3

55 – Plane selfie…

Don’t think this one has been photoshopped, if not it is a great effort, not the last plane selfie you will see today either! Plane selfie

54 – Simples! 

Some high quality meerkat shots here, surprised we haven’t seen a selfie from the comparethemeerkat meerkat yet, but I feel it is just a matter of time. meerkat selfie

53 – What has Papa Smurf been up to?

Relatively normal selfie until you introduce any papa smurf related reference! Insert papa smurf related joke

52 – Tall Building selfie 1 

Not the first dangerous selfie you will see. Do not try this at your local skyscraper! Tall Building Selfie

51 – Top Gun 

Top gun style selfie – This is a cracker but its not going to be the top plane selfie today! Top Gun Selfie

50 – The Killer 

Glazing over the beautiful girl in the picture, we see something that I hope was planned…. If not run, very fast. the killer selfie

49 – Unhappy hucat

Half cat, halt human, sad face, what more do you need? cat selfie

48 – Police Lad 

Some police just really don’t care. But I guess you would lose motivation if you were sitting on a police car getting a picture taken of you. policelad selfie

47 – Old School Selfie 

What an absolute classic this is, very clever and innovative. Top marks to this old school lad. old school selfie phone

46 – Australian Helicopter Selfie

This is a beautiful selfie, one of my favourites on this list. Bridge check, helicopter check, river check, humans check. What more do you want? Australia helicopter selfie

45 – Quokka Selfie

One of the greatest timed animal pictures, not because of anything that is happening in particular, but more because of the immense joy on both the human and the Quokka’s face. Quokka selfie

44 – Jaws selfie 

Another scary animal one, this one unnerves the greatest of us, feel the jaws theme tune in the background already. – Great White Shark looking into the camera…. Shark Selfie

43 – Scary Down Look Down Selfie

Second in our tall buildings, dangerously close to falling series. Picture by Alexander Remnev in Dubai. Scary Selfie 43

42 – The most awkward of Train Selfies 

Can there even be a contender for the most awkward public selfie apart from this one? I think not. Cringey but funny at the same time. Just what 42

41 – Bambi Selfie

From cringey to cute, baby deer snapped and aptly named bambi. Bambi Selfie

40 – The most famous selfie….. The Simpsons version 

Most people have seen the selfie below, but in my opinion the Simpsons did it better. famous people selfie Simpsons-selfie

39 – But first… Let me steal a llama and take a selfie with it.

French Students Stole this Llama and took it on an adventure of a lifetime, and also remembered to get a pretty good selfie with it at the same time. Steal a llama and take a selfie

38 – Scary Fish Selfie 

Scary(ish) fish/shark hybrid. One of the oddest looking things I’ve seen! (and the fish is weird too). Scary ass fish selfie

37 – Proud Dog Selfie

No way the human is going to take all of the attention here! We have had a Hucat now we have found a hudog!!! majestic dog selfie

36 – Just the Rock being Cool 

When celebrities are cool to us mere mortals it is a good feeling! the rock selfie

35 – Baseball incoming!

Perfectly timed baseball reporter. Here comes the pain. baseball selfie

34 – Cheetah Selfie

One of the greatest animal selfies I have ever seen. A relaxed looking cheetah just chilling before a photo! Cheetah selfie

33 – Holy Selfie 2 

Any picture of the Dalai Lama is cool, but a selfie with him in the same picture as you!! That is holiest of the holy. This guy also looks like the Western version of the Dalai Lama too! Dalai Lama Selfie

32 – Daredevil Selfie

Another tall tall building selfie, hanging over the edge with one hand on the building and one on the camera…. Daredevil Selfie

31 – Dentist selfie

Hopefully this is a selfie, otherwise your dentist is a bit weird… Never the less very inventive and interesting. Dentist selfie

30 – Eagle Selfie

This one is one of the best only animal selfies on this list (second place) as if an eagle can take a photo of itself you think the human a bit lower down should be able too! (spoilers) Eagle image

29 – “Met an Ewok” 

Maybe the greatest tagline I have ever seen on a selfie, can’t remember who took and tagged this but when this individual met Warwick Davis outside of a star wars conversion. For playing an Ewok Warwick Davis will always be a hero!Tagline made this one - the ewok

28 – Eminem and Mona Lisa 

These two would make a perfect couple. Both don’t tend to smile very much….. Eminem with Mona Lisa Selfie

27 – Firemen Lads

Firemen lads relaxing after putting out a blaze, snap a quick selfie. Respectable. Firemen lads selfie

26 – Greatest Penalty Selfie 

A great penalty selfie by this Chelsea FC fan. Very clever and got a good action shot too! Penalty selfie

25 – The Gorilla Brothers

Could the facial expressions have been any been any more alike? The Gorilla brother monkey

24 – Flying High Nicolas Cage Selfie

Great snap of Nicolas Cage flying high… High Nicolas Cage

23 – Kangaroo Selfie

Might be a wallaby actually, but either way top marks for this Australian animal selfie. Kangaroo selfie

22 – Just went into Labour Selfie

When your teacher is just going into birth, are you going to help or are you going to take a selfie? Silly question really. labour selfie

21 – Panda

Just a cool looking panda hanging out with his human friend!

Panda Selfie


20 – Tyrion Lannister and grumpy cat

Unfortunately this one has been confirmed as a fake, as these two have never met. But still makes the list at 20 instead of at 1, because that would have been awesome!

Grumpy cat + GOT selfie

19 – Sloth

Sloths have started to take over our homes as they are always so happy! As demonstrated by these 2 snaps below.


Sloth Selfie


18 – Young Lad

Great timing and great camera work. Top work young lad.



17 – Mcguyver Selfie 

One of the smartest and unique selfies on this list.

Mcguyver selfie


16 – Monkey Selfie

If a monkey steals your camera and takes 1000 pictures of trees, leaves and the sky but one like this, I think you let it off, espically when its one of the rare black macaque monkey. This picture has also been at the center of a copyrighting debate, as the picture was taken by the monkey itself and not the cameraman!

Rare monkey selfie


15 – Obama

Too many Obama selfies but this one can make the list at 15.


sports selfie


14 – Streaker

Because just running onto a pitch and getting tackled is to 90s.

streker selfie


13 – The Pope Selfies 

Our final holy person appearance of the list.

pope apperance 2

Pope selfie

12 – The Elephant Man

A unique take on the elephant man.

The Elephant man selfie

11 – The Giraffe

Afraid the giraffe held off all but 2 of the animals but a solid 3rd place of the giraffe. Not sure what I like better in this picture, the fact there is a giraffe in the car or that it is copying the expression of the human! Giraffe selfie



10 – The Breaking Bad Boys

Jesse and Walter White AKA Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston getting ready for a scene on the breaking bad set.

aaron paul and walter white selfie

9 – Wrong way love 

A extremely clever person at the 2014 Sochi Olympics, trying to take a picture of the hockey but I don’t think that is what she is going to get trying to take a picture like this. – Unintentional selfie!

Best selfie accident ever

8 – Save a Turtle 

Because when you save a turtle its not enough to leave it on the side of the road and take a picture of it there. It’s awesome when the turtle makes the same face as you too!

Turtle saving selfie

 7 – First Ever Selfie

Another old school selfie here, maybe even the first ever selfie we have record of. Although not the best one before 1970.

Old School Selfie


6 – Creepy Pre-Operation Selfie

One of the coolest yet creepiest selfies on the list, a “pre-operation” one. Slowly count down from 10…..

Creepy pre operation selfie5 – Out of this World

A selfie from out of this world. Brilliant quality from the reflection to.

Space Selfie


4. Like Mother like Daughter 

Cringey or extremely funny depending on your age. Parents copying your selfies would certainly lead to safer selfies!

Parent Lad selfie

3 – Radiologist Selfie

How does a radiologist take a selfie? Well now you know.

Radiologist selfie


2 – Hungry Camel 

You have heard of hungry hippos but what about hungry camels!? Great timing!

Camel hungry selfie


1 – Buzz

Maybe the first selfie taken as an actual selfie, but definitely the first selfie taken out of this world. Buzz Aldrin wins.

Buzz Aldrin Selfie



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