Bluetooth Mono Pod – Selfie Pole


The Bluetooth Mono Pod is the ultimate in extendable selfie taking technology! No messing around with the timer on your phone or camera and no extra bluetooth accessories to carry around. The bluetooth button is simply intigrated in to the handle and connects easily and seemlesly with your devices. The telescopic pole has a handy USB charging point at the bottom and is supplied with a cable so you can simply charge it up off your laptop or computer or using an adaptable USB plug like the one the iPhone is supplied with. The battery life is super long and there is an off switch on the bottom too to limit wastage so you can take selfie after selfie after selfie!


Universal 1/4 screw
Apposable head
Extendable from 20-90cms
Additional wrist strap on handle
Maximum load of 500g
Phone/camera not included… d’oh! :)


Additional Information

Attribute Information
Weight 1 kg


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