Mono Pod – Selfie Pole


Take your selfies to the next level with these amazing Mono Pod extendable selfie poles! For those times when you just can’t ask a stranger to take your photo or video, those wacky moments you just have to capture for yorself, capture the bigger picture with these extending sticks, with universal adaptors to fit practically any mobile or camera. The adjustable head allows you to set your phone in landscape or portrait mode and the retractable pole can be securely set at any length up to 90cms, so whether it’s a unique selfie shot, big fully-extended group shot or your connecting it to your GoPro camera for the ultimate action shot, the Mono Pod has got it covered.

The extending rod makes this the ideal companion for your phone or camera when traveling, making video diaries or video blogging (vlogging), hiking and camping, weddings, parties, fun at the beach, concerts, aerial photography and sports events. The poles even have a screw thread in the base of the handle allowing you to connect them to existing tri-pods or other poles to make a super-pole! The only limit to it’s use is your imagination, there are so many innovative ways to use the Mono Pod, from taking that previosly impossible shot to finding your way out of a tricky hedge maze!

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Universal 1/4 screw
Apposable head
Extendable from 20-90cms
Additional wrist strap on handle
Maximum load of 500g
Phone/camera not included… seriously? You thought they were?! :)


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Attribute Information
Weight 1 kg


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